Reasons - #32

In the midst of recovery, Tammy & Mike mark being together for seven years detailing why they chose each other to begin with. Breaking news occurs mid-recording. And as always, there’s the an end of episode lesson to keep the next generation inspired.


A Touch of Rust - #31

*taps mic* Is this thing on? Tammy & Mike are back for their first episode of 2019! Time to close some plot holes while Tammy talks personal growth and Mike pulls up on management. They’ll catch you up as they get back in the groove. And as always, there’s the end of episode lesson to keep the next generation inspired.

Consumers to Creators
(with Cheryl Grace) - #30

Tammy & Mike are back [and on schedule] with a very special guest. Cheryl Grace, Senior Vice President, U.S. Strategic Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement at Nielsen, joins the couple to discuss Nielsen's recently released annual Diverse Intelligence Series Report on African American consumers. The report, "From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers," examines the buying, listening, and viewing habits of African Americans. We're all about black media, black engagement, and the black dollar on this episode!


It’s 5 years of marriage in the bag for Tammy & Mike and you can bet your behind they worked theirs off for this one. Tammy has achieved a goal set on the podcast, Mike does a toast, and Kaep gets paid. Finally, there’s a flag on the field and hate in the atmosphere but don’t worry, We Leave You This is investigating to uncover the source. Tammy & Mike are back for Season 3!

Flag on the Play - We Leave You This.PNG


First things first: it’s Dutch. Tammy & Mike discuss who paying the tab, shared finances, and what happened to the money. Meanwhile, Tammy spreads the gospel to the youth, Mike gets through an episode without a drink, and the worth of books has apparently skyrocketed.


color me bad - #27

Who are you? Tammy & Mike discuss the results of their Color Code personality assessment and how it factors in their relationship and day to day life. But first, Tammy swears off Walmart and the couple get to the bottom of the [blue] jeans debate.


Racism!?! I'm Good luv Enjoy - #26

Tammy & Mike have worked hard to get where they are. As long as the where doesn’t come with blatant racism. They discuss Mike’s Father’s Day, their efforts to be more social, and how they made sure to pack these hands when moving to the suburbs. Ready to be opened in case of emergency.

Copy of Copy of Copy of No-hair selF-care-1.png

No Hair, Self-care - #25

Tammy & Mike are back from a much-needed vacation. With fresh fades come new insight on balancing work, family, and self. 

No Hair Self Care.png

Thank You, Mommy: The Mother's Day Minisode #3

Oh, when it all, it all falls down. Avengers: Infinity War takes center stage until Uncle Ye asks us to hold his beer. Tammy & Mike share their thoughts on all the non-novel ideals that, whether fiction or nonfiction, should just be taken with you to the grave.

Thank You Mommy Minisode.png

Infinit-ye War - #24

Oh, when it all, it all falls down. Avengers: Infinity War takes center stage until Uncle Ye asks us to hold his beer. Tammy & Mike share their thoughts on all the non-novel ideals that, whether fiction or nonfiction, should just be taken with you to the grave.

Infinit-Ye War.jpeg

Friends for what? - #23

Why is it so hard to make friends as adults? Tammy & Mike take a deeper look as to what in means to be friends in this stage of life. What should and shouldn’t be considered and their individual perspectives on what they value in those relationships. At the end of the day, do they really even want them?

Friends For What.jpeg

New Car Shawty - #22

After proclaiming they would buy a newly-used car, Tammy & Mike get exactly that. Though not in the way you would think. Sign on the dotted line as they discuss financing, haggling, and how making large purchases can impact a relationship.

Anniversabirthdaysode - #21

It’s a year in the books for the podcast and Fat Face is two!!! Tammy & Mike discuss what they’ve learned about themselves and each other since the podcast started, who is this child on the floor, and how their podcast bracket is busted already.

#Wakandatomorrow, #pooptoday - #20

Tammy & Mike have not seen Black Panther and they don’t appreciate not being able to use the internet. Mike messes up. Again. Marriage actually does require work and Fat Face just let’s it all out in more ways than one.

Trust the Process: Moving forward (feat. Michael Smith) - #19

“What do you do when the process takes you in an unexpected direction?” In part 2 of their interview, ESPN’s Michael Smith opens up to Tammy & Mike about who he turns to for guidance while reflecting on fatherhood and lessons he hopes to leave his kids. 

Trust the Process: In the Midst (feat. Michael Smith) - #18

“How are you doing?” A simple question gets a very loaded and candid response from Tammy & Mike’s special guest, Michael Smith from ESPN’s SC6. In Part 1 of our 2 part special, Michael discusses his recent trip to Los Angeles for the NAACP Image Awards, his first year hosting SportsCenter, and his thoughts on all of the attention (good and bad) he and his co-host, Jemele Hill, have gotten since starting their new positions. A major proponent of “trust the process”, Michael provides an in-depth look of his life as he is in the midst of dealing with unexpected change.

The motto: Trust, Hustle, Rest - #17

Fat Face is now in the ‘big girl room’! Tammy & Mike catch you up on their latest moves including Tammy’s business and Mike’s podcast feature. The motto for 2018 is now set.

We leave you 2017 - #16

Last [full] episode of 2017!!! It’s the end of the first calendar year for the podcast. Tammy & Mike discuss what the year has meant for them and the world around them. Tammy describes how the ‘Strong. Black Woman’ rhetoric can be dangerous. We leave you these final lessons of 2017.

Moments of CLarity - #15

The holiday season is here and that means lots of traveling for Tammy & Mike. In midst of reflecting on their trip to East St. Louis and sharing their thoughts on 89 Blocks documentary, the couple have individual epiphanies as to what this podcasting journey means for them and their family. 

Repeal & replace:
throw the whole government away - #14

IT’S TOO DAMN HIGH!!!! Tammy & Mike discuss open enrollment for their 2018 health insurance as Tammy says goodbye to her current job. Breaking news as we record on Sunday (55:33). The couple gives their first reactions to the church shooting in Texas.

But why i gotta die:
The audible episode - #13

You know what they say about plans, right? Tammy is 30! And just so we’re clear, she may ride but she's definitely not finna die. 

New season, New roots /
So... what do you guys do? - #12

Tammy & Mike are back for Season 2 with a 2-for-1 special! In part one, the big move is over and Tammy doesn’t take kindly to being called ungrateful. For part 2, the “neighbors” want to get to know you. Not your name per se, just your job titles and how you ended up in their neighborhood. The streets are watching. Literally.

It's our anniversary, bih - #11

Tammy and Mike chop it up about highs and lows of [black] love, including their own. 

house hunting & hate week - #10

Tammy & Mike are buying a home! Mike turned 30! And hate is in air on many fronts...on many fronts. This week the couple discuss the home buying process, how Charlottesville personally affects them, and how Google & Facebook led to Mike's realization that men actually may be trash.

date nite (feat. paul carrick brunson) - #9

Tammy & Mike are talking date night with their first and very special guest Paul Carrick Brunson! Paul (@PaulCBrunson) is a relationship coach, entrepreneur, author, and television host. Founder of the matchmaking firm PCBA, Paul has appeared as a co-host on Oprah Winfrey Network’s 'Lovetown, USA'. He joins the podcast to discuss love, first dates, and his new show 'Date Night Live' which premieres July 27th (2017) at 10/9c on Lifetime.

piper, no swiping!!! - #8

“When you say teenage, how old are you talking?” This week, Tammy & Mike discuss how having talent has nothing to do with morality and how your favs are likely guilty.

The power of common sense - #7

Tammy is back and the consequences of Mike’s screw up were on full display at church on Sunday. Also, Power is back! After binging the first two episodes, Tammy and Mike finally realize why common sense ain’t that common. 

4:44 - BTE Minisode #2

No, this ain't no damn think piece.

Black Twitter Emergency (#BTE) minisode.


You know you done f'd up right?

While Tammy's away, Mike will screw it all up. The couple discuss co-worker shaming as Mike tries to put off telling one of his biggest mistakes to-date.

Me and mrs. jones - #5

Tammy & Mike discuss Camry shaming and why they don't eff with the Joneses. 

views from the 6(th) - #4

Tammy & Mike salute the 2017 graduates and discuss the shenanigans happening in Georgia's 6th district.

good things come to those who hustle - #3

Tammy & Mike discuss being cheap and relive their days of getting money multiple ways.

home is for the holidays - #2

After some time apart, Tammy & Mike catch up with one another about their current status, share things they've sacrificed, and discuss how moving back to your hometown isn't always a good idea.. 

How to get DRAGGED!!! - BTE Minisode #1

Tammy & Mike clown Pepsi and United.

Black Twitter Emergency (#BTE) minisode.

Minisode+001 How to Get Dragged.jpeg

The Business of friendship - #1

Tammy & Mike are not here for your "business opportunities". But first, allow them to reintroduce themselves.

Episode 0: sound check... i think we need an intern

Tammy and Mike test their equipment and accidentally record an unofficial episode.