The Couple

Who are we
Tammy & Mike

Somewhere north of Atlanta, GA

How long we've been married
4 years

A 1 year old girl we call Fat-Face.


Guyana-born, DMV-bred nerd tryna cuss a little less than I did yesterday

Scientist, consultant, whatever is needed to pay my bills

Favorite saying
“Keep Jesus out your lies”

Greatest fear
My mom finds out about this podcast

Random facts
-I got in a police chase while riding in the back of a cab…we got away…I tipped the driver
-I break out in the hook of Duffle Bag Boy after every major accomplishment
-I’ve lost two best friends in my life, one to AIDS and one to Twitter



Raised in East St. Louis, IL. I tell prophetic tales of big data and hip hop.

Software engineer, seller of dreams, side-hustle extraordinaire 

Favorite saying
“But did you die?”

Greatest fear
Going bald. I know you see that 4c curl pattern.

Random facts
-I suffer from a severe case of #fawnaphobia.
-In college, I did time in county for mistaken identity.
-I refuse to let suburban life take away my 20in rims and subs.