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Tammy & Mike are a married couple residing in the northern Atlanta suburbs. Being both scientists, millennials, and children of the post-Hip Hop generation, they tackle issues around raising well-rounded children, race, culture, and maintaining your identity while navigating the urban to suburban transition.

Join them on their biweekly podcast of uncensored, sometimes nerdy, always hilarious conversations and advice.


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In the midst of recovery, Tammy & Mike mark being together for seven years detailing why they chose each other to begin with. Breaking news occurs mid-recording. And as always, there’s the an end of episode lesson to keep the next generation inspired.

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Player fm: Best african american podcasts (2018)

Come through 2o18!!! We are now featured under Player FM's 'Best African American Podcasts (2018)'. Thank you to the staff at Player FM for the recognition and all of our listeners for your continued support!


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Michael Smith interview MENTIONed in washington post article

Our #TrustTheProcess interview with ESPN's Michael Smith was mentioned in a Washington Post article. Unfortunately it's because our fave is also moving on from SportCenter, formerly known as SC6. To Michael, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. You gave us the best 60 minutes of our day, twice over. We will continue to support and root for you wherever you take your talents at ESPN. The honor was truly ours.



Character Podcast feature

2018 is well on its way and we are delivering as promised. Our first episode of the year will drop next week but in the meantime Mike had the opportunity to share part of his life story on the Character Podcast. Check out the 3 episodes (Ep 28-30) below. We Leave You This has gone international on this Canada-based podcast. Be sure use the following to subscribe to Character to get the remaining episodes.

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Podcastsincolor.comListener submitted top podcasts OF 2017

Look what Santa dropped off! Thanks to our listeners we were named one of the Top 2017 listener submitted podcasts at Podcasts In Color! We appreciate everyone who took the time to vote for us! Also, a big THANK YOU to Berry for not only creating the platform for podcasts like us to become more visible but for giving us invaluable advice as we started our journey in 2017! Checkout her new podcast about podcasts also named ‘Podcasts In Color’!

Voter's Review: It’s about a couples legacy and thoughts that they leave to future [children]. The bonus is that they're a black successful married couple with valid thoughts on today’s topics.


Recent Episodes


Fan Faves

Trust the process feat. Michael Smith

Part 1: In the midst

“How are you doing?” A simple question gets a very loaded and candid response from Tammy & Mike’s special guest, Michael Smith from ESPN’s SC6. In Part 1 of our 2 part special, Michael discusses his recent trip to Los Angeles for the NAACP Image Awards, his first year hosting SportsCenter, and his thoughts on all of the attention (good and bad) he and his co-host, Jemele Hill, have gotten since starting their new positions. A major proponent of “trust the process”, Michael provides an in-depth look of his life as he is in the midst of dealing with unexpected change.


Part 2: moving forward

“What do you do when the process takes you in an unexpected direction?” In part 2 of their interview, ESPN’s Michael Smith opens up to Tammy & Mike about who he turns to for guidance while reflecting on fatherhood and lessons he hopes to leave his kids. 



Moments of CLarity

The holiday season is here and that means lots of traveling for Tammy & Mike. In midst of reflecting on their trip to East St. Louis and sharing their thoughts on 89 Blocks documentary (30:09), the couple have individual epiphanies as to what this podcasting journey means for them and their family. 

89 Blocks trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xg6Qrmh5_A&sns=em



The Business of friendship

Tammy & Mike are not here for your "business opportunities". But first, allow them to reintroduce themselves.


The Couple

Who are we
Tammy & Mike

Somewhere north of Atlanta, GA

How long we've been married
4 years

A 1 year old girl we call Fat-Face.


Guyana-born, DMV-bred nerd tryna cuss a little less than I did yesterday

Scientist, consultant, whatever is needed to pay my bills

Favorite saying
“Keep Jesus out your lies”

Greatest fear
My mom finds out about this podcast

Random facts
-I got in a police chase while riding in the back of a cab…we got away…I tipped the driver
-I break out in the hook of Duffle Bag Boy after every major accomplishment
-I’ve lost two best friends in my life, one to AIDS and one to Twitter



Raised in East St. Louis, IL. I tell prophetic tales of big data and hip hop.

Software engineer, seller of dreams, side-hustle extraordinaire 

Favorite saying
“But did you die?”

Greatest fear
Going bald. I know you see that 4c curl pattern.

Random facts
-I suffer from a severe case of #fawnaphobia.
-In college, I did time in county for mistaken identity.
-I refuse to let suburban life take away my 20in rims and subs.



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